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Benefits of being a Hopps expert

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Provide expertise on your own schedule

We believe freelancing is the future of marketing and business. Set your available hours and work only when convenient for you.

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Get connected when you’re ready to work

Requests come in whenever you’re set as online. Simply choose which sessions to accept when you’re ready.

Avoid drawn out projects.

Avoid drawn-out projects or proposals

Not everyone has the time or desire to dedicate weeks to project briefs or locking into projects. Hopps experts help people via screenshare and in real-time.

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Build up a portfolio as a consultant

Looking for clients can be time consuming. Find people looking for help right now that will be valuable contacts for future work.

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Content creation opportunities

Become a member of Hopps’ content creator community, providing valuable information to customers and generating bylines for yourself.

Hopps expert benefit six.

Help clients succeed through your mentorship

If you value helping your clients actually learn something that can grow their business, Hopps is a great fit for you.

Hopps vs. Other freelance options

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