Where Startup and Small Business Marketers Go for Help


Sarah Aylward

Tech has fundamentally changed the way marketers work each day. It’s tough to keep up. There seem to be millions of marketing resources to choose from when you’re looking for help or you need to level-up your game. Today, we’re sharing a list of expert-curated marketing resources to support your multi-channel marketing strategy. Some resources are well known, some are less-so, but we think you’ll find all of them helpful.

Inbound Marketing 

Every marketer knows HubSpot, the inbound marketing machine. It’s become a fast favorite amongst startups, growth-stage firms and even large companies. And while it has a robust suite of marketing tools, many marketers are unaware that HubSpot also offers a plethora of resources on their HubSpot Marketing YouTube channel. Whether you’re looking to increase traffic to your site, automate emails, or get caught up on the latest 2022 marketing trends, this channel is a go-to channel, for beginners and experts alike.

Another great resource is the Medium publication Better Marketing, which offers insights from marketers across B2B and B2C industries. The publication covers a wide range of topics, our team found their articles on social commerce, SEO and copywriting formulas that increase conversions.  

Helpful tip: HubSpot for Startups offers a 30-90% discount for startups after an application process. If you’re looking to add HubSpot to your marketing techstack, make sure to submit an application to see if your brand qualifies. 

Website UX / UI

Media Monks is an agency at the cutting-edge of website UX / UI design and development. Self-proclaimed as the “Webby’s production partner of the year meets hundreds of ex-Google data experts”, Media Monks is also known for their innovative UX and visual design work. Partnering with brands such as Meta, Epic Games, DoorDash, Burberry and more, the breadth of capabilities is apparent as you scroll through their portfolio.

For more inspiration see: The 2022 Webby Award Winners for Website and Mobile.

Brand, Content & SEO Marketing

When it comes to designing a content marketing strategy for your company, there’s a wealth of information available. Content and SEO marketing pro Neil Patel, for example, offers tactical and measurable ways to drive more leads to your site. But as a solopreneur, entrepreneur or small business owner, you’re often going from zero to sixty — not from sixty to 1,000. 

Right-sizing your multi-channel marketing strategy requires seeking advice for your startup or small business from sources that focus on understanding your marketing goals, and your capabilities. Go-to resources specifically designed to support companies at your stage and size include Duct Tape Marketing, aptly named to provide insights for solopreneurs, early-stage startups, and growth-stage companies that know what it means to roll up your sleeves to get the work done.

You can also find helpful resources from marketing firms. For example, Ink Communications, a PR and marketing firm that specializes in the tech sector, offers helpful guides on everything from brand positioning, content marketing, PR, social media, crisis communications and more. Their Content Marketing Editorial Calendar template and their Request for Proposal (RFP) Guidelines, which are an important read before you consider searching for marketing, PR or advertising agency partners.

Additional guides:
Check out this Best Content Measurement Tools guide from Native Digital

Social Media

When it comes to launching, managing or growing your branded social channels, it can be hard to know where to turn. Not long ago HootSuite was the go-to tool. But in the past 10 years, more and more tools have emerged. Standing out from the crowd is SproutSocial, which not only offers scheduling, management and analysis tools, but a wealth of strategy guides and playbooks on their resources page.

Must read: SproutSocial’s 2021 Content Benchmark Report will help you build your marketing KPIs. The report includes data on how many times brands post each day across channels, average inbound and outbound engagements per day by industry, content types published by industry and by social platform, and data that points to the fact that video is very effective, yet very underutilized.


Just when you thought Seth Godin couldn’t get any busier, he launched an extremely popular podcast (yes, a new one) called Akimbo. Just like you’d expect from Godin, his podcasts focus on everything from entrepreneurship and marketing to innovation, design thinking and creativity.

Can’t miss episode: The May 4, 2022 episode Seth & Debbie features a conversation with design legend Debbie Millman, who talks about her new book Why Design Matters. If you want to learn more about Debbie, check out her free LinkedIn course Rethinking Your Future

Marketing SaaS Help

Whether you’re a solopreneur or experienced marketer, one thing is certain: technology has fundamentally changed the world of marketing in the past 15 years. New tools and technical capabilities continue to launch into the market, making it harder than ever to stay apprised of the software best suited for your brand. This is one of the reasons we launched Hopps.io — to provide on-demand support from SaaS experts within 5 minutes. Our experts can help make strategic decisions, build out your marketing tech stack, optimize your tools, and provide advice as you grow and evolve your business.

Did you know? You can get live, 1-on-1 help from a Hopps.io Expert within 5 minutes. Sign up today. 

Slack Groups

Networking and knowledge-sharing has moved from in-person and Zoom-replacement events to Slack groups, and you need to be in on them if you want to keep up. If you’re not, you’re missing the boat because the most tapped-in marketers are all over these. At Hopps we use Online Geniuses, a Slack group made up of marketers around the world. You’ll find a membership-only, curated group of marketers working on both B2B and B2C brands.

Looking for something a little more niche? You can find a network of content marketers in the Slack Group Superpath.

Fun fact: The author of this article met the Hopps team via Online Geniuses! See? Those Slack groups work.

Did we miss your go-to resources? If so, let us know! Send us your favorites on LinkedIn.