8 New HubSpot Email Marketing Features to Look For in 2021

Ken Smith

January 28, 2021

The big email marketing news for HubSpot users at the last INBOUND 2020 was the development of marketing contacts. HubSpot didn’t announce too many new marketing features in 2020. Instead, they focused on expanding CRM and Sales Pro features. But in the INBOUND 2020 product presentations, they did hint at some of the new features in development. Here are some new feature highlights*: 

Custom Objects

Do you have a data type that doesn’t fit neatly into Contacts or Companies? For instance, if you are a staffing agency, you may want to send an email to candidates. In the current Marketing Hub, you need to use custom properties or lists to segment this data. Being able to create a customer object allows you to attribute contacts and companies to the new object. Custom objects are accessible by Enterprise level users.

Event Marketing Object

This is a great new feature that will allow you to create marketing events in a separate object enabling you to store event data from other applications (like Zoom or GotoWebinar) for reporting purposes. 

Custom Report Builder (Beta)

Throw those spreadsheets in the trash! With HubSpot’s new custom report builder, you can create all types of charts and graphs right within HubSpot without exporting data to Excel or using third-party data analytic tools. 

Marketing Contacts

HubSpot marketing users can now store up to one million non-marketing contacts in the HubSpot CRM with NO additional costs. You can now identify whether a contact is a marketing contact or not. How does this work? Let’s say you employ a sales development team for outbound calling, and their leads are not going to be sent any emails, these contacts may be stored in HubSpot at no additional charge. On caveat is you’ll need to let HubSpot know if you want to send a marketing email to these contacts.

Improved Ease of Use

HubSpot has always been a joy for marketing users to use. The interface is intuitive and consistent across applications. Recent updates in the CMS Hub means designers can bring standard HTML and CSS from other websites or email marketing tools to HubSpot without creating new themes or templates. Speaking of templates, the HubSpot marketplace’s selection continues to expand, reducing the time it takes to develop new email marketing campaigns.

Expanded Email Deliverability Data (Live)

New Email Marketing Health tools provide expanded insights into email deliverability. 

Programmable Email (Beta)

This feature allows you to create large numbers of customizable content blocks for use in email templates. Combine this feature with HubSpot’s contextual marketing and personalization features to send the right emails, with the right content, to the right people.

Expanded Behavioral Events Analysis

Do you want to know what website pages people are visiting along their buying journey? HubSpot now tracks and reports these events to provide multi-touch attribution. In the past, HubSpot reported the first touch and the last touch in a campaign but didn’t report the steps in between. This new feature (for HubSpot Marketing Enterprise only) helps you track every touch and apply a value to that activity. These features will help you understand which website pages and other marketing activities influence the customer’s behavior.

Don’t See the Feature You Need...

HubSpot continues to add new features to enhance email marketing. If you can’t find the feature you’re looking for, there are hundreds of third party apps in the HubSpot App Marketplace. These tools help you enhance email marketing and include data validation, email automation, reporting and analytical tools. With the acquisition of PieSync, two-way integration is now available with many applications without custom development costs. 

The future is exciting for HubSpot email marketing and the HubSpot community is amazing with many HubSpot user groups, Facebook groups, or community forums. 

However, a consistent challenge most marketers face is staying current on the latest features and maximizing use of newly added functionality. When you’re really stuck on a problem, combing through community groups can be time consuming with uncertain results. Platforms such as Hopps help marketers connect with HubSpot certified experts with the primary goal to upskill and share knowledge so marketers can realize the full potential of tools they use. 

*One quick disclaimer, most of the features are in the early stages of development and may or not be available soon.

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