For the Win! A New Customer Tries Hopps


Sarah Aylward

Driving growth for any business — no matter the maturity or size — requires understanding the all technical marketing tools that will help you reach your intended customer, and drive those customers through your sales funnel. 

The challenge? Marketing tech tools such as Facebook for Business and Facebook Ads are ever-evolving. (The distinction between these two is even hard to understand!)

We get it — it’s hard to keep pace. That’s why we were excited to partner with the team at Grow Big Initiative to show how businesses like yours can quickly and easily connect with Hopps experts to answer questions, problem solve, consult on tech tools, set up, optimize and calibrate your existing marketing tools, and more. 

Check out how Grow Big Initiative’s host Josh Halpern works with Aaron Green, the founder of Struggle Made Me, to connect with Hopps Expert Jo-An. A digital specialist with an MBA, Jo-An collaborates with Aaron to diagnose a problem within Facebook Ads — a missing Facebook pixel! 

Check out how Jo-An helps get Aaron’s business back on track for rapid growth. 

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