Hopps' Most Popular Facebook Ads Video Tutorials


Holden Nguyen

Facebook Ads is ever-evolving, which makes finding the right tutorial even harder when you’re looking for support. To make this process easier, we asked our Hopps experts to share some of the most common questions people ask. Then we created quick tutorial videos for our Hopps Video Answers YouTube channel. 

These videos are our most popular Facebook tutorials, and show you exactly how to tackle some of the most common Facebook Ads issues with step-by-step instructions so you know exactly what to do. If you have questions, you can reach out directly to our Hopps experts to get tailored support. 

How Do I Delete an Event from the Facebook Pixel? 

Watch time: 2 minutes (and well worth it!)

Our most popular tutorial—with nearly 10,000 views—addresses a common problem. The main thing you need to know is that you can’t actually delete an event that you or someone else created in your account.

Once you set up your Facebook pixel and put it on your site, all the events happening on your site are automatically tracked and recorded, and they become part of that Facebook pixel. However, you can delete custom conversions.

Watch the video to find out how.

How Do I Effectively Combine Ad Sets on Facebook?

Watch time: 2 minutes

There are two ways to combine ad sets, depending on whether you have the same ads in both ad sets or different ads in the two ad sets. 

If you have the same ads, you’ll add your audience from one ad set into your audience for the second ad set. You can then delete the first ad set. However, if your ads are different, go to the ad level of the ad set you want to get rid of, duplicate the ads in that ad set, and then add them to your existing campaign (i.e., ad set 1).

We know—it can be confusing, but luckily, our tutorial makes it easy. Check it out

How Do I Increase the Advertising Account Creation Limit? 

Watch time: ~2.5 minutes

The Account Creation Limit on Facebook Business Manager can be pesky and inconvenient, especially if you have a team member count that is larger than Facebook’s limit. Luckily, our Hopps experts, who are real-life pros, have devised a workaround to help you evade Facebook’s restrictions while optimizing your team’s success!

Here’s what to do. In settings, go to the “Ad Accounts” and “Pages” tabs, and select “Get Link to Share.” From that point, you have the potential to add additional team members to Facebook Business Manager.
To see exactly how to complete this process, check out our guide. View the tutorial now.

How Do I Make My Ads CPC and Not CPM?

Watch time: ~1.5 minutes

Do you want your Facebook Ads charged as a CPC rather than a CPM? Are you trying to understand what a CPC even is? What about a CPM? We get it. Keeping up with Facebook Ads can be a lot.

The good news? Our Hopps experts can help walk you through how to make this change. To change your structure, all you have to do is go to the “edit” tab in your ad campaign, go to the ad set you would like to change, and look for “Optimization and Delivery.”

To see exactly how to complete this process and fully understand CPC and CPM, check out our guide.

How Do I Remove the “Call to Action” Button from Facebook Messenger (or Instagram Stories)?

Watch time: Less than a minute! 1 second less, in fact.

It is very easy to remove the “Call to Action” button on Facebook Messenger or Instagram Story Ads. 

Here’s all you have to do. First, go to the campaign you are working on, and select “New Ad.” There, you can scroll down and find the “Call to Action” box. To figure out which option removes the “Call to Action” button, check out our guide!

Here is our quick video tutorial

How Do I Hide the Ads Running from the Ad Library on My Facebook Page? 

Watch time: 1.5 minutes…plus 1 second

This video addresses the common problem of trying to hide the ads running from the Ad Library on the Facebook page. Unfortunately, Facebook’s policy does not allow users to hide these ads or keep them from running. To understand why this policy is in place and its intricacies, check out our guide.