6 Tools to Increase Your Team’s Productivity


Tyler Sloan

Growing your startup or small business is tough work, making it that much harder when your team is out of sync. While there is an ever-increasing amount of productivity tools designed to support teams like yours, few business owners have time to do the research needed to discover the best tools for their teams.

Not to worry — our Hopps team of SaaS experts searched far and wide to bring you six high-impact productivity tools to increase work efficiency and streamline collaboration for your team.


If This Then That — or IFTTT — makes it easy to automate your apps and devices to do exactly what you want. Just choose your trigger, an action, then name your applet and hit finish.

For example, this powerful API allows digital marketing teams to use IFTTT to cross-post content automatically across branded social accounts in order to streamline their content publication and tell a cohesive brand story. Or, you can sync your Alexa or Google Nest speaker to automate tasks at home or in the office with voice commands like: “block out my calendar for the next hour” or “sync Amazon Alexa to-dos with iPhone reminders”.

Loved by: Google, Alexa, GitHub, Spotify, Dropbox and more.

#2 Guru

Guru allows teams to capture their unique company or product knowledge in an intuitive interface that makes storing and searching for company-specific information — such as onboarding documents, templates and more — super simple and seamless.

Guru is easy to set up, and allows companies to select who can view information at the company, team or individual level. This means that you can set some Guru “cards” to share across the entire company to share an email signature template for example, while some cards can be shared at the team level, and some to a restricted group, (looking at you Human Resources!).

You can also set up a “Knowledge Council” for each card collection to ensure cards are regularly audited and updated to stay current as your company evolves.

Used by: Airtable, Spotify, Chorus, Slack, Square and more.

#3 Grain.co

Grain enables your sales, product research or recruitment teams to record, transcribe, capture notes, and highlight important moments from video calls for easy sharing or later recall. Unlock the value of every video meeting by seamlessly capturing the most important information. You can sit back and let Grain save your team hours of busywork.

So how does it work? The Grain app allows you to easily import past Zoom calls into the native video library. Once your video is in the library, you can tag, organize and group your videos in a way that makes sense for your team, so you can easily search for your important meeting videos and the critical information or collaborations that were captured.

Harnessed by: Zapier, Vimeo, HelpScout and more.

#4 Loom

Loom is a powerful video messaging tool that allows users to record quick videos of both their screen and camera simultaneously, making it easier than ever to quickly capture presentations, product walk-throughs and more for later sharing. This is an essential tool, especially for teams operating in hybrid workspaces.

With Loom, you can collaborate asynchronously and streamline team collaboration. Timestamp comments, emoji reactions, and other interactive features sets Loom apart from other alternative software. Loom has many powerful use cases from teams ranging in industries from design to engineering. You can use it via browser or your mobile device.

Chosen by: Netflix, HubSpot, Atlassian, Intercom, Greenhouse and more.

#5 Goodtime

GoodTime is a candidate relationship and interview tool that allows you to automate scheduling, build genuine connections, and get actionable insights. Cut out manual scheduling, back and forth emails — GoodTime eliminates all the busywork so you can focus on building relationships.

GoodTime has a ton of powerful integrations keeping everything synced across your ATS, calendars, video conferencing tools, and more! For example, easily link to a DocuSign PowerForm and capture eSignature completions.

Used by: SproutSocial, Pinterest, Slack, Okta and more.

#6 Hopps

Hopps is the only place to find instant onscreen help from vetted U.S.-based experts. The app uses API technology to match you with a vetted expert within five minutes to help you with more than 30+ popular SaaS tools your team uses on a daily basis. Get actionable feedback on your Facebook Ads strategy, find the best integrations for your Shopify store or get help setting up your first Google Ads campaign.

Share your screen and receive step-by-step guidance from an expert to solve whatever issues you need help with. You can even invite other team collaborators to join a session, access past session video recordings, or access the video answers library which offers free, quick tutorials for thousands of commonly asked questions — all within the app!

Trusted by: Dyson, Cleverly, Brex, Shop Monkey, Gusto and more.

The truth is most startups rely on productivity tools and softwares to improve their bottom line. If you need help choosing which tools will support your company’s growth, connect with one of our SaaS Hopps experts to build a custom tech stack that delivers.

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