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With an acceptance rate of less than 10%, our experts are some of the best digital marketers in the business, having worked at or helped grow some of the largest brands in the world.

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Our experts have started from the ground up and have helped grow companies that have become household names. Though they have been immensely successful, one passion unites them all: educating future marketers and entrepreneurs everywhere.

Christopher Barnett

A HubSpot Certified Partner, Christopher has an exceptional eye for identifying tactics from a foundation of logic and strategy. With experience in 30+ industries, he is an expert in B2B/B2C marketing, sales, automation, and business development.


Mollie Jahner

With 15+ years of marketing and sales experience, Mollie can quickly determine a campaign's effectiveness and help optimize demand generation initiatives


Garrett Aihara

Garrett "PPCPro" Aihara has been working in SEO and SEM for the last 20 years.


Kristina Momchilova

With over 10+ years of experience in digital marketing and 12 certifications, Kristina has a wide range of experience and many accolades. She understands the needs of small startups and large companies alike and has worked with budgets of all sizes.


Carrie Thomas

Having previously run marketing automation globally for the USA Today Network, Carrie has been certified over 8 times and has 20+ years of experiences. She now brings her renown experience to help Hopps clients with lead generation and digital advertising.


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