We are the future of work.

We unblock companies.
We unleash talent.

What we believe

Hopps was built around the vision of empowerment for both the company and the freelancer.

We know the future of work is radically different from what we are used to. It is flexible, balanced and lightning fast.

It is a future where small teams can access the same talent as large ones. Where large ones move just as fast as small ones. Where freelancers travel the mountains of Nepal while servicing Fortune 100 companies. Where mothers work with teams across the world while balancing time with their kids at home. Where one person's impact isn't limited to one company, one organization and one career.

We are at the forefront of this change. With a core team composed of mothers, founders, engineers and rock climbers, we come from all walks of life. We've been there and we're dedicated to building the tools needed for businesses to move faster than ever.

Time is short, let's not waste it.

Welcome to the future of work.

Our Team

Aamir Latif
CEO, Full-Stack Engineer

A three-time founder, Aamir brings 10+ years of engineering and founding experience. Previously @Proximitas, @Facebook and @TruStory

Payal Maniar
Head of Business Development

Payal has a passion for solving problems around remote work, education and special needs. Previously @Accenture, @BearStearns and @TruStory