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Hopps On-Demand Help Platform

I used to spend so much time on forums, Reddit and YouTube trying to find someone who had ran into the same problem I was having. Now, whenever I am about to use any new tool or app, I come to Hopps to see if they have an expert for it. That's how addicting it's become.

Maria Zegarra
Marketing Manager

“Hopps is a wonderful resource for those who need assistance in a specific area or project that may not warrant long-term, contracted support.”

Rebecca Heidorn
Kupenda for the Children

“Michaela was very helpful and knowledgeable, and help explain things to me that I had no idea how to do. I had a company do my website but they never went over things with me. I will definitely recommend Hopps to anyone that need help.”

Jennifer Markwell
Kopers Boutique

“He's too leet. He defeated bowser. He aint from earth. Amazing service.”

Jordan Hardgrave
Coach Jordan Hardgrave

“Clint was absolutely awesome. Fixed all of my problems and got everything working exactly the way I needed. Highly recommend Clint and Hopps!”

Kenny Honnas
Team Honnas

“Fantastic, Sean has become my go to guy for all my coding and Wordpress problems. He is great and does not back down from a challenge.”

Stosh Solski
Lotto Alaska

“I worked with him twice in one day and we got to every single little detail I wanted. He was so patient when I would see something, not love the design, and pivoted. I felt like I had a real partner in the process. And I felt super accomplished when we finished.”

Larissa Hare
Lahare Studio / Wul Haircare

“Extremely knowledgeable, super fast, efficient and communicative. Clint both executed the Webflow layout work and educated me along the way. Will be back on here with him again.”

Jack (Buck) Buczkowski
Humn Capital

“Brett worked hard so as to not take any more time than necessary – much appreciated. He did an absolutely phenomenal job of walking me through some incredible SEO knowledge. 13/10 recommend!”

Charlie Davidson